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The language tandem is a free of charge opportunity how to learn a foreign language easily in an entertaining and effective way. It is based on voluntary leisure time meetings of two native speakers. They teach each other their native languages or languages that they master perfectly. For example, a Czech student teaches an Englishman Czech language and the Englishman teaches the Czech student English language.





The project facilitates searching for Czech and foreign students and connection between them in order to create (not only) language tandem.

If it is your first time here, register by clicking on the blue ball with the headline “Register” on the main page. Afterwards you will be asked to fill in a short register form. If you want to make the search easier for your potential Tandem partners, please, fill in this form in English. If you are not sure writing in English, use an online translator. Note that the more personal and detailed profile you make, the more chances you have to find a perfect tandem-partner for you. Having finished your register form, press the button „Comlete sign up“ and you can immediately start searching for your tandem-partner.

From the main page, you can get to your profile by writing your name and password into the left blue ball and clicking on “Log In”.

In case of searching for your tandem-partner write the key word related to your future tandem-partner into the searching box inside of the right blue ball and click on “Search”. Let´s say you want to learn English, then type in “English“ into the searching box. If you want to meet someone from Egypt, type in “Egypt“. If you want to find a person who shares your hobbies, for example windsurfing, type in “windsurfing“. Note that the key words have to be filled in in English, it is really important. If you are not sure about your English, use an online translator. After pushing “Search” button, you can immediately see all the profiles where the key word was mentioned. You can go through the profiles and search for the most compatible tandem-partner. You can connect with him or her and write the first message right away.

If you want your search to be based on more criterions, we recommend using “Advanced search”. You can find this option right below the „Search“ button or on the page Members („Advanced search“). You can use the „Toggle Form“ as well. Then you just need to fill in specific parts of the search form and click on “Search”.





  1. step: Think about languages that you master the way that you would be able to teach someone else. Then, think abou languages you would like to learn and how much time could you dedicate to your Tandem. Consider how determined you are to learn the chosen language, it means, won´t you give it up after first few weeks?

  2. step: Register and log in into iTandem. By using filters, find a person who offers to teach the language you want to learn and is searching for the language that you are able to teach at the same time. Take into account the time period that your potentional Tandem partner is going to spend in the Czech Republic, so you can have enough time to learn the languge. Also, pay attention to the age of the person. You need to have things in common to talk about and probably, people with the similar age to yours, will have more common interests than with the different. After considering the time period and the age, sort out potentional tandem partners by other criterions that suits you the best.

  3. step: If you or your tandem-partner do not master each other‘s language on the level needed for communication, find an intermediary language (mostly English) so you can communicate and afterwards teach each other. Imagine, you are Czech, your Tandem partner is Italian, you both speak English so you will use English while explaining rules in Czech and Italian. Without this intermediary language, the teaching would be quite complicated.

  4. step: Contact your future tandem-partner and arrange your first meeting.

  5. step: During the first meeting, discuss what are your expectations from Tandem. Think about these questions: Where and when are you going to have your meetings? How should they look like? Do you want just a conversational meetings or do you want to use textbooks or grammar books? Are you considering to combine those two? Do you want your partner to correct your pronunciation and grammar.

    If you don´t know how to start the Tandem, we recommend using textbooks, they will be your support. If you don´t know which textbook is the best one and what is the level of your tandem-partner’s language, start on the lower level than you are considering. If your tandem-partner´s level is higher, you will go through the book quite fast and he or she will have a good revision. You can also show to your tandem-partner different kind of textbooks and he or she can tell you which one he or she likes the most.

    After that, you can bring each other different materials for learning, for example newspapers, fairy tales etc. that you can read together aloud in order to improve pronunciation and vocabulary. You can share movies or music. You can give each other homewors and correct them during meetings. It is entierly up to you.

  6. step: Have fun!

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